A Goodbye To Socialism – Or Is It?

The Collectivist & Eyes Left

The Labour Party is a Socialist endeavour… From its inception, it was intended to represent the mass of the un-represented working people of Britain…

It worked for the people, as it was intended until Tony Blair came on the scene, and he took it into Neoliberalism under the guidance of his mentor -The wicked ‘Witch of Endor,’- Thatcher.

He took the party to the right, and even incorporated a modified Clause iv within the rulebook, in order to corroborate his act, of the occurrence of betrayal, of Labour Socialists.

The Labour Party lost Socialist impetus when it was infested by these Neolibs. And many true Socialists left the party through despondency. … Until 2015 that was, when Jeremy Corbyn of the Socialist Labour Left became Party Leader for the Neolibs. had shot themselves in the foot by allowing him to enter the affray for the Party Leadership vote, -a vote which he duly won with huge affirmation…

During his five years of leadership, Jeremy Corbyn swung the Labour Party back onto its Socialist course, and in doing so, he swelled the membership levels from a meagre count by comparison, of less than 100,000, to a count of over 1,000,000 members at one point.

However, It has currently settled at just over 600,000 members, largely due to the fact of the treachery, exerted upon Corbyn and the Left, by the few remaining vindictive PLP Neoliberals, and JLM members, who, for the past five years, has implemented a campaign of attrition against the Socialist Left.

After the GE in December 2019 in which A Tory government was ‘Somehow,’ against all odds, elected to ‘Full’ power. Jeremy Corbyn, after suffering five years of duplicitous, illegal, and heinous vilification, by furtive members of the Labour Right PLP, the Jewish Labour Members (JLM), the Friends of Israel, and the dishonesty of the Conservative party, decided to stand down as Leader.

In his place, Sir Kier Starmer has been elected as Labour Party Leader, – with the position of deputy leader, being taken by Angela Rayner… Now how did that happen? There are hundreds of thousands of Left supporters, and yet, in spite of this mass majority Left supporters, – Two members of the PLP right, have come out as Leader and Deputy Leader…
Could this be due to Electronic Voting again?

That is how the Tories fiddled the General Election, and it looks like the same thing has happened in the Labour Leadership elections.

There are too many ‘Lefties’ for that result to be legitimate, and both of those candidates worked against JC during his Tenure of the Labour Leadership.

To help that result along, many thousands of people of the Labour Left have been suspended for nefarious reasonings over the past five years… I have been suspended myself for a full year this week. My voting rights and those of thousands of others comrades have also been suspended, denying us the chance to vote for our designation.

That was only done to curb our actions. – Yet we still pay our monthly subscriptions. Even as near as this week, I enquired about a complaint which I submitted to the Party some 3 years ago, and they informed me on Friday gone, that they do not know what I am talking about, as they have no record… A cover-up if ever there was one.

How can any of us, as Socialists, be expected to throw our allegiance behind a Knight of the Realm and his co-pilot of the same Right orientation?… Who, on the Left, would ever give credence to such an occurrence?…

Labour is Socialist – Labour is Left. Labour will not be steered in that direction under these two, and the PLP contingent of Neoliberal infiltrators.

I fear that It is time to cut loose and form a new party of the Left. I suggested this a couple of months ago and I maintain the same thinking now, only even more so.

I can foresee that because of this vote, more and more people will now stop subscribing to a Labour Party of the Right, for this is the direction in which it will now be taken…

I can only say that I will endeavour to support a new Socialist Left Labour Party in future, for I cannot offer support in any way, towards the upkeep of a Party of Neoliberalism Intent… Thank you, my Comrades…


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