Deliver Us From Evil

Liar, Liar Pants… …

If anyone believes that Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have contracted Covid -19, then you will believe anything… You’re probably one of those who is also a working-class Tory, – you know the type, – the people who voted the Tories into power?… Working-class and most of them haven’t got two pennies to rub together, but, -probably because of delusions of grandeur, -they deserted their plebeian roots, and voted Tories into power anyway…

Now, comrades, we are all in the same boat aren’t we?… We are all at the mercy of a super-virulent virus. A virus which knows no boundaries, no nationality, and most certainly, no class. It is what most people would describe as, indiscriminate, non-selective, and unpredictable. Pretty much like this current Tory rabble, who purport to be the British Government…. A government which got there by foul means, – not fair…

However, how it got there, is for us all to resolve on another day. At this moment in time, if this distressing onslaught upon the world’s population, by this repulsive man-made virus, had to be, then, better it is thrust upon an inept Tory ‘misgovernment,’ than for it, to have become the burden of a Socialist Labour Government.

Indeed, had that occurred, who among us, would have dared bet against the fact that the capitalists would have pronounced that it was Corbyn’s fault, for such was the fervour of the right-wing Capitalist MSM against him. Notice, however, that this same MSM, Johnson and Co, the lying mouths of the PLP, Friends of Israel, and the Board of Deputies, along with the Israeli State, the Labour NEC, and NCC, have all gone quiet with their accusations of Anti-Semitism against Corbyn and the Labour Left… One wonders why, – the treacherous bastards?…

JC would have handled the situation in his old precise inimitable way, and, it would have been done at a point in time, nearly two months earlier, than did the incompetent Boris, and his travelling circus of clowns.

Indeed, the Conservatives sat on their sweet derriére’s for a month before addressing the problem, and then their answer to it all, on the advice of their super-efficient adviser, was to adopt the herding system and let everyone catch the virus, which would breed greater immunity into those who lived through it.

However, other sections of the population, namely the old and ill, would die off. Gaining the exchequer benefit, therefore, from not having to pay out Pensions and Benefits to those hundreds of thousands, who had been carried away by the disease. What an absolute travesty of competence that thought was.

Nevertheless, the government’s interpretation and solution of the viral onslaught was the exact opposite of what a Labour remedy would have been. Labour would have applied that of a compassionate soul-saving antidote, which took care of the population, first and foremost. Whereas the Tory solution was to safeguard the Capitalist and monetary system, as its prime requirement.

People were the second issue in the whole affair, or maybe it would be better said – live people, were the second issue in consideration, within the virus outbreak. For any government to consider monetary attributes, above the health and welfare of the people, is beyond comprehension, except for one aspect… Which is, that they have shown in this misguided action, that they are not fit to be the government of Britain or its People.

Furthermore, they must bear the burden of government, as they so adamantly aspired to do, in the initial instances of polling, in December 2019. A time when miraculously, they went from being a double term coalition government to becoming an 80-seat surplus, government of dubious efficacy. Due in no small way, to their extremely spurious control, and computational count, of the National Tally of votes.

The simple fact of the matter is of course, that the Tories are totally out of their depth. In attempting to try and allay national fears, they have repeatedly told lies and made foolishly ambiguous statements of remedy, then, three days later changed the whole of their appraisal of the situation, and as a result, re-altered their remedial information, and in doing so, then told massive lies, in order to exonerate themselves, by saying that they never said it in the first place… Fortunately, their lies, and gibberish, are all recorded on videotape…

BoJo and his play-pals, secrete, or excrete, -as the case may be, -as many mendacities as Trump does across the water. I still ask myself, how in hell, did Trump ever get to be President of America?. Certainly, not because of his Statesmanship protocols, but more because of his money and his excessive ego.

However, more puzzlingly. With mighty Grandees of Conservatism, such as Kenneth Clarke and Michael Heseltine etc; how did ‘Bozo’ ever get to the starting gate, let alone pass the finish line to win in their leadership elections?…

These two people, between them, would wreck the world with their incompetence. Neither of them has a clue about what they are doing. Johnson hasn’t the faintest idea about being either, a statesman or a prime minister. He is floundering, and the frightening thing is his Party are letting him do it..

Johnson also runs up Trump’s arse in everything he does…Have you all noticed the American emancipation of his Downing Street briefings copying the American pattern of 3 lecterns in front of two open doors, and behind the lectern’s, are two Union Flags… ‘Very White Housey’…

After having left the United States of Europe, It is hoped that Britain is not now destined to become, one of the United States of America.

If ever the time was ready for a Socialist Government of compassion, with an equally compassionate and utterly sensible Jeremy Corbyn, then that time is now, God willing.
Bozo will never manage the current crises… At the very least, we need a Coalition Government with Corbyn in charge.

Trump, it would appear, is never happier than when he is exalting his own virtues, though sincerely, he must dream them up, for never, have they been manifest. He is also not happy unless he is bullying some other nation, for one reason or another, Venezuela, because it has oil and it is Socialist. Iran, because it refuses to desist from nuclear proliferation. Little Cuba has again been re-sanctioned because it allies itself, and backs Venezuela, and because it is a Communist Country. Afghanistan, because its two prospective rulers will not cow-tow to Trump’s wishes and demands.

Britain will never survive, nor will our NHS, whilst Johnson and his team of abject liars are in control… The Tories are truly incapable, most especially when relying on egotistical weasels as advisers. They must be ousted before it is too late …

Since the Roman Empire days of Caligula and Nero, the world has never seen, such unmitigated fantasists, and bare-faced liars, as Johnson and his cabinet… And, Trump and his Senate.

In our Hours of Need, it is more than likely that we will all need Divine Intervention!.. Especially because ‘Mere Mortals’ such as ‘Trump & Gump’…Just haven’t got a Clue!
Stay safe my friends and comrades, look after yourselves, for I put very little faith in anything this government does for us…


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