Comrades of the Socialist Left

Comrades of the Centre to Hard Left… If you are anything Left, then you are included. If, perchance, you are not, then your true place is possibly with ‘Starmer the Harmer’ and his Israelite-Neoliberalite Faction of the Right. – The Westminster Gravy Train Travellers, of Parliamentary Parasite Paradise.

The answer for the Left could be as simple as taking the following steps, -Subject to Legalities of course: – Please note: the party names suggested below, are purely that – Suggestions

1) The Labour Party Left could form a Party within the Labour Party, similar to what the Neoliberal Blairites did, just after Blair became Party Leader, when they formed “Progress.” Perhaps Labour Left should call theirs “Requite.”

2) The True Labour Left Socialist “Requite” Party, (TLLSRP) -should then sue for at least half of the Labour Party current total assets, to be legally assigned to them.

3) In the meantime, the current total of Labour Party PLP Left members, should leave the PLP, and align themselves to the TLLSRP, and then, request their ex. Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to act as its head, in Parliament.

4) This act would leave the ‘Neoliberal Party‘ and Starmer, seriously depleted of strength. However, it would not alter the current situation within Labour, for the Party is currently so divided, as to having rendered itself a nonentity of opposition, towards the current Conservative Misgovernment of Britain’s working-class population.

5) Getting Jeremy Corbyn to head this Party, would be a major achievement, and an even bigger sacrifice for him, and his family, especially when considering his last foray into the leadership arena, when, as we all know, he was treated with acute derision by every piece of detritus, in the country, who was not of a staunch Labour Left Socialist disposition.

6) The single biggest accomplishment in Jeremy Corbyn doing this, would be singlehandedly, -as he did before, -to rally the troops. As everyone is aware, the Labour Party lost hundreds of thousands of Socialist Left members when Labour lost the 2019 GE and Jeremy Corbyn stood down. Those same followers would also return, should he again stand. This would, -once more, -make the Socialist Left, the biggest party in Europe, whatever the name of the party was, simply because J.C. was at its head, for his Socialist ideals were what most people with any sense, wanted to follow and put in place…

7) If it needed someone with a more killer instinct than J.C. then that’s fine, have him stand alongside, and allow him to cut throats and disseminate true justice to detractors and traitors within, – where perhaps J.C. wouldn’t. Nothing wrong in that is there? That would be classed as having one’s cake and eating it, but after what we have had to endure for at least the past 10 years, then why shouldn’t we?

8) None of this is set in stone, it is my idea of a way back with tenacity, and indeed, with slight recompense, for those millions of people who gave their all as Socialists. They who were broken, and beaten into submission, by cheats, liars, and Charlatans, from within this country, and from abroad. They know exactly who I mean! If you do not agree with this, then, that isn’t a problem, but don’t disparage it, and if you can, then put forward an alternative, or add further conventions to it. We don’t mind in the least, we’re all for it… At least it’s an idea to be worked on… AND… At least we tried.

Too many of us, are sitting in Lockdown. – Too many of us, are thoroughly despondent. – All of us, are ‘In the Wilderness’… We need to fight back – Lockdown or not! We need to fight back because Literally, these Conservatives are Killing more and more of us, every day. At today’s count, it’s well over 106,000 and rising.   … Thank-you Comrades…


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