The Health of the Nation

The Health of the Nation – Damn this Tory Government.

Britain is ranked at number 24, out of 31 European countries, in the league table for critical care beds. Our current 41,000 beds are nearly always full.

Britain’s Hospitals are currently maintaining a level of about 4,000 critical beds occupancy per month. The Health service is severely under-equipped, even before the Coronavirus outbreak exacts its full impact. The latest NHS performance statistics revealed, that in January, the occupancy rate for adult critical care beds was 83 per cent, up from 75.3 per cent the previous month.

Approximately 1.5 million A&E patients were admitted within the targeted four-hour waiting time, a 4.5 per cent decrease on last year, and there were over 78,000 instances in which patients waited over four hours, from the decision to admit; to admission, including 1,621 involving delays of more than 12 hours.

The ability of the NHS to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, where patients are waiting for long periods in busy departments in which others are infected, will only add to the public health hazard, and extra stress on staff.

It is not an acceptable policy for this government to have neglected the health service for the past decade, and now expect it to be able to effectively deal with this kind of emergency. In fact, it is purely the Conservative’s cynical Neglect of Duty and abject arrogance.

Hospitals already operate at close to 100 per cent capacity, with staff working 12 hours days and 12 hours nights. Very often having their meals ‘on the run, and covering for staff shortages by having to work on their day’s off.

Through underfunding and understaffing, this government has put the health of the public at risk and has set NHS staff up to fail – many do not even have adequate clothing to protect themselves in dealing with the outbreak. – All of this, in order to tell a lie, that the NHS cannot cope – Better to sell it off to Private Enterprise… But not to worry Boris, you will be fine!.

Once again, we are being controlled by a government of the greedy self-righteous, those who will be looked after, come what may if they become ill. They will make certain of that.

Austerity and connivance, have starved the NHS of vital funding and supplies, and indeed, staffing levels, over the past decade…

The truth of the matter is, that over the same period of time, NI contributions have risen, and those contributions have been paid by the public, as ever, on the belief and understanding that their welfare and care was being funded… Well, it wasn’t!

The service has been deliberately starved of funding because NI contributions from the people of this country, are being sidled off, and squandered elsewhere, especially to greedy unprofessional private enterprise operators, who are creaming off millions of Pounds Sterling, into their own pockets.

The people and the NHS, in all faith, are paying for a health service which isn’t there… One can only blame an uncaring, government, members of which, are also lining their own pockets, from the proceeds of gross malfeasance in office…

The bumbling PM Johnson has even expressed on Television, to the people of this a country that – “Many more families will lose loved ones before their time.” – Well, I’m sure you are right Mr Johnson, but that is not your place to say so…

Your duty, and your Government’s obligation, is to ensure that we all receive the help which we need… Not just the idle rich, but all of us… We fund the NHS, which you and your cabinet are pilfering to death…

It is fine for you to talk about keeping the country going, and to have as many in work as possible… Your ‘Herd Immunity Theory,’ in order to ensure that as many as possible catch this disease, and come through it. Whose genocidal theory is that?
Which other country has adopted such a heinous theory? Most of them have gone onto ‘lockdown’.

Your ‘herding scenario, simply means, that you want people to catch the disease so that you and your government can wash your hands of the nation’s problems. A typical coward’s way out… Let the poor and impoverished pay for the misdeeds of an incompetent greedy Capitalist government, whilst at the same time, also being instrumental in becoming the unwitting candidates for culling the nation. How Bloody Disgraceful…

This, Johnson says, is more beneficial than closing down operations, in factories, works, and money markets, in order to stave off recession. Spoken in true Tory Capitalist expedience.

What a pathetic excuse… In effect then… Fred will go to work and give the virus to Harry. Harry will pass it on to Mary, and they will all go home and pass it on to their families, and so the epidemic worsens.

Doctors surgeries, and hospitals, become flooded with poor souls who are desperately seeking help. -Whilst other members of their families, who haven’t been as ‘fortunate,’ have already succumbed to the illness, and are equally, clogging up cold storage facilities, and undertakers businesses, because these places are inundated with dead bodies awaiting cremation, and burial. Is that really what you want, Mr Johnson? On reflection, it would appear that you do.

It would appear that your intention is to have hundreds of thousands of people, -mainly the older and infirm, – dying under the less dignified of circumstance? You have no Right!

However, no doubt, you and your government will rejoice, because these unfortunates, will not be clogging up the Health Service, not now, nor in the future… – Moreover, they will not be drawing a pension either, – so think of the savings there.

The bonus for you in this case. would undoubtedly be, that you can tell the younger people of the country, as you always have done, in your past election campaigns, that the old only take up NHS beds and funding of pensions anyway…

With respect though, those old people were funding the NHS and the Welfare system, long before most of the Tory Government were in their ‘three-cornered pants’… – The young ones, have paid very little into the system as yet, – but eventually, their time will come, as will yours Mr Johnson.

After you have finished culling the population, there will still be far too many Socialists left for you and your government to ignore… The Nation will never forget, that’s for sure…
May the Lord help you. -For indeed, nobody else will.

Data coming from Italy indicates that 0 per cent of admitted patients have required intensive care, and doctors are now having to prioritise cases according to the likelihood of survival.

Is this then the Conservative doctrine? To kill off as many people as possible? These chronic burdens on society?
These stalwarts of a system, set up by them, for all to enjoy, must now be denied its use in their times of need. How awful.

Rather than shut down work-places universities and schools. – Rather than even stopping people from arriving from infected countries and vice-versa. You would advocate this? -You would willingly watch people die? How disgusting you are.

As a purported Prime Minister of Britain, you are a disgrace to this country, caring only about your avarice, and materialism, rather than people’s welfare.

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Commons that it was ‘now overwhelmingly clear that no government can inflict a decade of cuts and austerity on our public services without impacting upon their resilience in a time of crisis. It shouldn’t take a crisis to secure for the NHS, the resources it needs.’

The Chinese government should also be held totally liable for all of the world’s health costs and compensation, including that payable to the families of every deceased person in the world, who has died from the Coronavirus.

Boris Johnson, and your Cabinet and Advisors of evil, including your parrot… You are not fit to Govern this Country…


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