The Humility of Humanity – The Arrogance of Inhumanity

Margaret Thatcher, and every subsequent PM, including Blair and Brown, have laid waste to the industrial heartlands of the North of England… It was a threat she made, and a promissory vow of the accord, to which other PMs swore allegiance, purely in order to remove the domination which, the Labour Party had on the areas, and others throughout Britain.

Blair and his sidekick Brown, and guru Mandelson, also played Thatcher’s wicked game because, in proximity to Socialism, they were all, many a mile away. However, their arrogance of Neoliberalism still lingers on.

The North, and North East, has always been a centre of excellence for Heavy Engineering, Shipbuilding, Steel Making, Coal Mining, and all manner of work which required the aspect of getting one’s hands dirty, in one’s daily toil for a crust.

Because of the nature of this work, it tended to make working camaraderie, more in evidence, in the North and North East, than it did in most other areas.

It was only a natural progression, therefore, which would inevitably dictate, that this camaraderie would result in a more fraternal relationship with one’s co-workers than it would do in other spheres of work. It resulted in a kindred spirit, which can only ever be experienced where men, and women, are forced to undergo extreme hardship and privation, due to their exposure to the needless endurance of hardship and suffering, within the same environment, during their daily lives. – Harsh, to certain sections of the country. – Mundane to those who had to constantly endure it. – A similar comradeship, perhaps to those who have fought together in battle, – where the conditions for one, are the conditions for all, and one’s dependency on welfare, is linked to dependency on one’s comrades…

It instils fraternal allegiance into one’s co-workers. It is the reason why Trades Unionists call each other ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister.’ It means exactly that, and no one can undermine that ‘Solidarity’ – Unless of course, one removes the ‘raison d’étre,’ -the Place of Work.

Which is exactly how the lineage from Thatcher To de Pfeffel has done things, -Everything has gone to Europe and beyond. Britain’s manufacturing and engineering prowess has been obliterated, in order to annihilate the Unions, and with them, along with boundary changes, – The Labour Party.

It is this ‘Togetherness,’ which bonds people to a common will. Witness the miners strikes under Thatcher. – People had been on strike in heartland areas long before Thatcher appeared on the scene, but that evil being, honoured her resolve through spite, to break the will of the unions…

Her intent was to break the Labour strongholds, and get rid of the Socialist breeding grounds… The Steelworks… The Shipyards… The Coal mines… The Heavy engineering facilities… The Manufacturing industries… Nothing would escape her determination to remove her Nemesis…

She didn’t have time to complete it all before her Cabinet colleagues stabbed her in the back… However, she started the avalanche of ‘lost working facilities,’ and carried out nearly three-quarters of her intended diaspora. – Most of those jobs which left British shores did so, for the EU. – (Another story)

John Major… Tony Blair, (her Neoliberal apprentice), and his dumb sidekick, Gordon Brown, who frittered away Britain’s Gold reserves… In more recent times, David Cameron and his Coalition government… Theresa May and her Coalition cohorts… And now, Boris de Pfeffel*and his seedy soothsayer Cummings… aka ‘Duminic and Dominic’… ‘The Gruesome Twosome of Westminster’… Have all added to the increasing devolution of work availability, left open to the British worker.

Dominic Cummings is an advisor to Johnson – (de Pfeffel), who appears to be surreptitiously running this country, though he is non-elected. Cummings, on leaving university, went to Russia for three years, where he helped set up a new airline flying from Samara, on the Volga, to Vienna. The KGB were apparently not happy with his interference and issued threats. The airline subsequently only got one passenger, and the pilot of the aeroplane took off without him. These actions sound very similar to how he is currently operating with de Pfeffel…

It would also appear as though de Pfeffel himself hasn’t got a clue, and the prediction is, that through time, everything will come crashing down around his ears… And the sooner the better, for if ever a political party got into office under false pretences, this Tory government did!.

Jeremy Corbyn was beaten at the 2019 General Election, not by fair deed, but by foul… De Pfeffel, aided by Neoliberal traitors within Labour. – By a renegade Brexiteer. – By the MSM network of National Newspapers whose Owners don’t live in the U.K; so that they can contrive tax liabilities. – By Television media groups, which are so biased, that their truthful news making facilities are called into doubt every day. – By subsequent Tory governments carrying out continual boundary changes, in order to alter the voting outcome in favour of the Conservative Party. – By curtailing Trades Unions operation and practices, to the detriment of their members.

Since the Time of Thatcher, – Blair also, whilst insisting he was Socialist centre left, truncated the power of the unions. In favour of his Neoliberal Ideals.

From when James Callaghan was PM, -which ended in 1979, -the working people of Britain have been on a hiding to nothing. Callaghan was the first to dabble tentatively in Neoliberalism, and, in the Winter of Discontent of 1979, – The Trades unions, with their might, toppled the Labour Government in Britain. It was, in fact, the last Labour Government in to have been in office Britain, for Thatcher and her government took over, and the rest is history…

…Except for the fact that whilst in opposition, Kinnock (senior), and Mandelson, became the Neoliberal champions in Labour, alongside Thatcher. In 1992 John smith succeeded Kinnock but sadly Smith died in 1994 and he was replaced by Blair, Thatcher’s little protégé in opposition, with John Major as PM. until 1997 when Blair became PM…

The last Left Socialist, to have been Leader of the Labour Party, therefore, was Michael Foot, from 1980 to 1983… nearly 40 years in between Left Socialist leaders is far too long a wait.

Jeremy Corbyn and Michael Foot were very similar in their doctrines and ethos. Both were very truthful and forthright gentlemen of their time, and both were ‘Shat upon’ by Neoliberal infiltrators and schemers within the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the Brexit Party Ltd.

A testament then, to how greed, lies and deceitful Capitalism, with more than a touch of dictatorship thrown in, can determine that a country be governed, -against the will of its people, -for many decades, by a minority faction, who would impart their will upon the majority, whilst inflicting upon them, malignant austerity and severe hardships. Moreover, these same persecuted personae, would then re-elect their tormentors, for many more terms, even though, there are many more persecuted people than there are oppressors, bullies, liars and tyrants.. Tyrants who need to be removed, post-haste for the benefit of the Nation…

As a nation, we cannot afford to have these People leading this country…In another 5 years, there will be scant little, of any kind of work, and the country will undoubtedly be, the finance capital of the world, with its tax haven classification, and money laundering facilities on offer to everyone, as originally intended. Even Blair advocated thus.

However, that won’t help Britain’s ever-increasing multitude of ex-workers, who by then, will have grown to enormous proportions, due to increasing work deprivation, which in turn, will bring, in consequence, the inherent poverty and starvation, of its severely oppressed, and pathologically distressed,
ex- working population. Who would then be perfectly poised,
ideally, for mass genocide, or deliberate neglect of care, resulting in a programme ethnic cleansing, by a Fascist state, especially one so evil, as this Modernised Conservative Right.

*The Pfeffel family (ennobled as von Pfeffel), is a German family originally from Neuburg an der Donau in Bavaria. Some family members were ennobled in Bavaria in the 19th century. Among the family’s descendants is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the British Prime Minister, born in New York USA. –

This guy appears to be a racist, under any convention… However, though people may be aware of such facts when they hear them…The strange fact of the matter is, that only the Labour Party Left, ever get accused of being Racist and Anti-Semitic, by those liars with selective hearing…


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