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Saving Socialist Labour – Thoughts for Consideration

It would appear that Neoliberals, though few in number, could have a further chance of control of the current Labour Party, by employing further acts of deceit and acrimony against the majority Left, during the NEC, the NCC, and the Party Leadership elections.

Five years ago, a splendid human being named Jeremy Corbyn, pushed through the decaying mass of putrefied Blairite Neoliberalism, to become leader of a thriving growth of Socialism, long ago, thought to be of the category – ‘life extinct.’

Not only that, but other shoots from the same Socialist genus were sprouting up all around him. It proved that many millions of people had been so wrong. For here, was a parody of everything that the masses had been led to understand, by a handful of right-wing Capitalists who encouraged people to believe, that Capitalism of the modern era, was the new world order…

However, it proved instead, that here was evidence that the old working-class Socialist beliefs were still alive and awaiting the correct time to sprout forth again. It also proved conclusively, that working people were still being deceived by a section of financiers, industrialists, avaricious liars, and deceitful political exploiters. Deceived by the lie that Neoliberalism was still very popular when in actual fact, the truth was quite the reverse. Socialism was very much alive, and vigorously fighting back, and Neoliberalism it was, which had died, among the re-educated working classes.

Most people have seen the folly of Capitalist regimes, the few, imposing their will upon the many. It emphasises that duplicitous financial capability allows the unscrupulous, to ride rough-shod over the less well informed, less wealthy masses. The rich always manipulate and determine the pace and the outcome, of financial and market situations, whilst the less knowledgeable, are tricked into believing what they read from the rich and powerful, whilst having to suffer their exploitation, even to the point of deprivation, hardship, cruelty, and in many cases, – death!

Jeremy Corbyn, and many millions of Socialists within Britain, are fighting back against Capitalism. Within Britain, he was the catalyst, for which the knowledgeable working classes had been waiting. Their fight, however, hasn’t been easy, for equally, all over the world, Capitalism breeds despotic. Dictators of avaricious hedonistic, non-democratic traits, wherein their decadent approach invariably means that the control of the masses must be strict, which again, engenders further hardship.

Recently, in a farcical act superimposed by the Capitalists, as an honest and respectable General Election in Britain. A full-on Right-Wing Cabal, of Conservative fraud, of Neoliberal treachery, of Capitalist dishonesty, and of outright illegal interference in the running of our country, by apparently, the Zionist State and its friends, and possibly by elements of the governments of other leading countries, who, collectively ensured that the Conservative Party of Britain, triumphed in the 2019 December Election by unprecedented numbers. It won by 80 seats overall, – gaining of 48 seats It took 43.6% of the vote,… and it came out with 345 of a possible 533 seats.. It Wiped out the ‘Red Wall’ in the North East of England, and the Red Wall in The North – Liverpool, across the Pennines to Yorkshire….
Look at the history of Voting since 2010… 2010 GE – -Tory Coalition with Lib.Dems… 2015 GE – Tory win 8 seat Majority… 2016 EU – Referendum. ‘Leave’ won with 51% of the vote… 2017 GE – Tory lost working Majority and formed Coalition with
DUP gaining, 17 seat Majority…
2019 GE – Tory win by 80 seat majority overall…

Does anyone believe, that is genuine?…
It is also believed that the count of votes in this election, was carried out by a company or companies, hired in by the Conservative government to carry out certain electronic counting facilities. One of these companies which purportedly carried out the vote count facility is also believed, to employ the services of an ex-Conservative MP as a non-executive director who stood down from the company in 2018. The name of that ex-MP is believed to be Peter Lilley, and the company is believed to be IDOX.

Ask Joe Glasman and Mossad how it happened … Ask the JLM and FoI how it happened, then ask Peter Lilley how it happened.. They’d no doubt, tell you their versions. – Simpler though, to work out your own conclusion. That way, you will most assuredly come across the truth of the matter.

Whether right, wrong, or indifferent, these operational standards must be outlawed within Britain…

The functioning of Government must be transparent at all times, and under all circumstances. These operations must also be carried out under the control of duly elected bodies. No third party should ever be engaged in deciding Political operational integrity, in the outcome of any vote or decision, which may be carried out by the government of the day, for the people of the country, and their duly elected representative bodies.

In the past five years since Jeremy Corbyn became Leader of the Labour Party, he has suffered the most contemptible abuse, which has ever been apportioned to any political MP or Leader in the history of British Politics. The majority Left-wing membership of the Party has also suffered unmitigated acts of hatred cruelty, and bullying from Neoliberal Right-wing JLM, and Friends- who appear to operate with impunity, within the treacherous Right corridors of the PLP.

No malice though has ever been proffered against any Neoliberal Right-wing, JLM, and Friends- and none of them has ever been expelled or suspended in all of that time…

There is a very simple explanation for this of course. The explanation being, that all of the diatribes and bitterness has been perpetrated by the visceral, malevolent actions of the Neoliberal, Non-Socialist Right-wing, purely against members of the Socialist Left.

Jeremy Corbyn is a true man of peace, and one who above all others, many feel should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for his stance in support of humanity, in his past Parliamentary life, and particularly in the past 5 years when he stood unwaveringly against the onslaught of hatred to which he has been subjected. He has suffered criminal abuse and maltreatment, along with character assassination, acrimonious invective, and vilification. Jeremy Corbyn is owed a debt of deep gratitude by everyone in Britain whether they voted for him or not.

The people who should also be held to account are, the Members of Progress, and the equally insidious members of Labour First. The NEC Right, the NCC Right, and many of the Blairite right-wing Labour party employees, within Regional Admin. Offices throughout the country, and most of all, the Treacherous Blairite, Right-wing members of the PLP MPs; (The Gravy Train Travellers), and a great many members of similar ilk within the Trades Union Hierarchy.

Outside of the Labour Party, one can implicate the faceless Greedy Capitalist newspaper Barons, and their MSM, and the ultra-biased Television Companies, but above all, – above everything else, are the Mendacious Corrupt Liars, of the Deceitful Conservative Party of Britain and their Capitalist Cronies who misappropriated votes, to win the General Election 2019 – Tories – ‘The Cheat-‘em – to beat-‘em Party.’

MPs from all sides of the House are directors and owners of business enterprises. An obvious reason then, for them to vote for Neoliberalism, if MPs and their super cronies of the business fraternity are beneficiaries of commercial operations within Britain, – and elsewhere.

Socialism, however, is from the other side of the tracks and operates in the interests of the country. It is the only way to ensure that business investment, and taxation revenue, are in evidence throughout the commercial enterprise sector within any country. It is a pure hands-on approach by Government, whereby the State controls commerce and not the other way on. In fairness, it means that those who utilise a country’s facilities, and resources, also help to fund them.

The alternative, Neoliberal undertaking, does not control the tax liability of the super-rich and business facilities. However, it does make sure that those who are not so well off, do pay their way in taxation… And the taxes of the Neoliberals to boot.

Neoliberalism was brought into Britain by Thatcher -Kinnock and Mandelson…Undoubtedly though, Thatcher’s apprentice, Blair, was the person who promulgated the abhorrent practice of Neoliberalism within the country. Grievously, it held sway for an unbroken thirteen years.

The only time that a Labour Government had served for such an unbroken term, and it had to have been done by a Non-Labour group of interlopers….Why so long?.. Well, it stood to reason that it served the approval of Conservative miasma… The Blairites were doing the Tories bidding for them…Neoliberals and Conservatives – One and the same Species – ‘Politicus Parasiticus Genus.’

At the end of the Blairite period, when he began to realise that people were totally dismayed with Neoliberalism, he handed the reins to Gordon Brown, another Neoliberal misfit and incompetent, and he eventually ended up ‘crashing the bus altogether.’

Not so, however, members of the PLP who had become significantly entrenched as a majority of Neoliberal MPs within the Party under Blair, though a few Socialists MPs yet remained, representing their still loyal Socialist CLPs, against the majority partition of Neoliberal Blairite MPs; those self-serving MPs, who ride the ‘Gravy Train to Utopia and back,’ on a daily round trip.

The present-day number of Neoliberals is a lot less than it was in 2010 when they lost the General Election to the Conservatives. They value their positions immensely, who wouldn’t? For it gives them a superlative prestigious lifestyle, whereas the rest of us have to work for our living.

The JLM group and Labour Friends of Israel (FoI), were PLP members in the main. All of them were Neoliberal Rightists and ex-Blairites. None of them was Left Socialist….
Therein lies the story of -‘Division.’ – Of intransigence towards sharing and amalgamation. – Of comradeship and coexistence. – Of peace and Unity….
Comrade’s let me tell you truthfully, for they will not:- – They don’t want it. – They never did. – They never will. …

Nobody has escaped the wrath and ire, which was put on display by these Neoliberals and members of the JLM and FoI. They even disparaged members of their own faith, – the JVL…

Have you ever seen any MPs from other parties, – tearing their leader to pieces, during the normal process of parliamentary daily actions? – Openly vilifying him in front of the House, or even standing behind the Speaker’s chair and shouting, ‘You’re a fucking Anti-Semitic Jeremy Corby’?… Well, I would hazard a guess that you never have, and neither have I. Furthermore, he wasn’t called that, so that he could hear it, he was called that, so the World could hear it…
For Cause and Effect…

Very little, if anything, was true in what these anarchists were extolling about Corbyn and the Left. In fact, they have been asked many times, by many people, including by members of their own religion, to prove what they are saying. Yet, after countless thousands of accusations, no proof has ever been put forward. No proof ever will be. People will still carry on being expelled. For it suits their purpose.
The fact is, undemocratically and unfairly, if these people say you are – Then you are.

Jeremy Corbyn, a good, and honest man, was torn to shreds by a baying cabal of right-wing Liars, cheats, fraudsters, and political jackals, all of whom, purposely and maliciously, with grievous intent, illegally and vindictively, made it their resolve, to spread to the world, their manufactured lies and prevarications.
Simply in order to perpetuate a vendetta, against a man who was fighting against their duplicity and wickedness of purpose, and unlawful acts of deceit, for everyone.

They perpetuated the wrongful election, of a false and fraudulent government, upon the people of Britain. The irony being, that surveys have shown that the right of British politics, and the Conservative party faithful, including the leadership, are far more racist and Anti-Semitic, than anyone in Labour, ever could be…
The problem is, that the right get away with it, the Left, don’t.

The smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn was orchestrated by a sextet of evil intent: The Conservative Party: The Right Neoliberals: The pro-Zion Non-Christian establishment in Britain: The (JLM): & The (FoI):
Zionist State: The right-wing mendacious Press.
However, a superb group of the Non-Christian’s who stood shoulder to shoulder with Corbyn and the Labour Socialist Left, deserve supreme praise. They were the Upstanding brave souls of the (JVL). They too are vilified and ostracised by their own people, for their stance against the Right.

The JVM objectives are to maintain and promote Labour or Socialist Zionism, as the movement for self-determination of the Non-Christian people within the Zionist State, and to support, develop, and promote, political activists who work to enable the objects and values of the (JLM).

Its stated aim is ‘To organise and maintain a political movement of Non-Christian people within the UK Labour Party and the international Labour movement.’
“It does not, however, state to what end, nor give any reason for wishing to do so. It also insists of the Socialist Labour Party, – that the Party recognises non-other in Jewish affairs than that of the (JLM).
How arrogant and controlling, is that?”
They have other members of their faith who, it would appear, they do not wish Labour to acknowledge.. (JVL) is the other group in question, but they do not cause invective for the Labour Party, so it would appear that they are of no use to the troublemakers of (JLM).

The values of the (JLM), are centred around a connection between Socialism, the Labour Party and Socialist Zionism, and the values which are embraced by these movements, including international peace and cooperation, social justice, equality and freedom.
This doctrine is enshrined in the organisation’s constitution and values, which state their values as including ‘international peace and cooperation,’ – ‘democratic socialism in the UK and Israel,’- ‘the application of ‘Non-Christian ethical principles to create a society based on social justices and a sustainable environment’ – ‘to promote the centrality of Israel in Non-Christian life’ and opposition to ‘fascist, racist and anti-Semitic groups.’

“It is indeed admirable that the JLM says they are centred around Socialism and the Labour Party. However, I cannot ever recall the British Socialist Labour Party ever advocating Zionism in any form. Nor can I recollect the Party ever agreeing to ‘international peace and cooperation,’ – ‘democratic socialism in the UK and Israel,’- ‘ the application of ‘Non-Christian ethical principles to create a society based on social justices and a sustainable environment’ – ‘to promote the centrality of Israel in Non-Christian life’”
— “(The above text, is essentially the definition of Zionism)”

The Labour Party – is a centre-left political party, that has been described as an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists, and trade unionists…
The Labour Party was founded in 1900, having grown out of the trade union movement, and socialist parties of the 19th century.

“It is also wrong, that the Labour Party should be coerced and dictated to, by a religious set known as the Board of Non-Christian Deputies. They should have no jurisdiction whatsoever, within the Labour Party. Indeed, no other Religious sect, or organisation, has such freedom, and nor should they..”

“Their actions amount to those of being dictatorial, especially over acceptance or implementation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. The non-legally binding working definition includes examples of antisemitism to guide the IHRA in its work. These examples include classical antisemitic tropes, Holocaust denial and attempts to apply a double standard to the State of Israel. Although internationally recognised by many groups, the working definition of antisemitism has been criticised by some as too broad, and it conflates anti-Zionism with antisemitism.”

It is only the fault of this deceitful lobby of Non-Christian MPs of the Neoliberal JLM and others of the FoI, who caused the downfall of the Labour campaign, in its bid to become elected as the British Government in December 2019.
– I hasten to add, Non-Christian members of the JVL who stood with Corbyn followers, are good people and deserve Socialist praise.

The Neoliberals are MPs who, with others from other parties, prevaricated over the issue of Brexit, from 2016 until December 2019. Three years of dithering, after the British people had already decided to leave Europe, and still they had not done so, – because it didn’t suit MPs. to invoke Article 50. Not their choice!! It should have been done 2 years earlier.

So, after 3 years of dawdling about, they superciliously bring the topic forward and use it to illegally determine, the outcome of a General Election… These people used an already agreed positive vote, in order to vote on it once more, but this time, to use it as a ‘Carrot’ to maliciously and deviously decide the outcome of a National General election, in order to determine which party would become the government of the U.K.

They did this, in conjunction with other deceitful right-wing Tories, and the Brexit Party Ltd. (Deviously and illegally devised for the occasion), in order to split the vote. Then, these evil Neoliberals and Capitalists condemned their Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and 10.25 million voters to ignominious defeat, and caused incongruous humiliation to a person who had fought his heart out for them…

Jeremy Corbyn, this Country needs you back…

It would appear that because of massive external interference and actions, carried out against him, by non-associated bodies of the Party, Jeremy Corbyn is regrettably standing down as Leader, and the majority Labour Left will lose out in the party Leadership standings, to a group of Minority Neoliberals. For such has been the evil vilification of all Left members, -by these Neoliberals, over the past five years.

None of us proposes, to be led and steered within the Labour Party, by a minority cabal of avaricious self-serving Neoliberals.
Especially when the Left membership count is far superior in number, to those, on the ‘supposed right.’ They may be on the right-wing in Neoliberal terms, but we cannot accept them as being on the right-wing of the Socialist Labour Party.

Neoliberalism is the direct opposite of Socialism, and no Neoliberal should ever be a member of the Socialist Labour Party. Nor, should a religious sect be in control of a Socialist Labour Party, or any other political party for that matter… If one is in Politics, then don’t bring religion into it…
Conversely, if one is Religious, then don’t bring Politics into it.
There is something insincere, divisive, and blatantly undemocratic, about any such situation…

Under falseness, I have been suspended from the Labour Party for very nearly one year in duration, and all without due process. On Here-say. – Many thousands of others on the Left, have also been treated in exactly the same way. This was falsely carried out against me and others, by acolytes of lying Anti-Semitic accusers.
During this time, I have paid subscriptions to the Party, but I have been denied the chance to attend meetings or to vote… It would appear, therefore, as though I have financed my own suspension over this period?…
Neoliberals are very conniving and duplicitous, and, in all probability, will soon intimidate their way into becoming fully in charge of the PLP NEC and NCC. Not by fair means, but by foul. They don’t care, as long as they come out on top.
***************************** Those employees within the Labour Party Compliance unit and others, must also be aware that they are illegally causing Sufferance of Inhuman and Degrading Treatment, (Article 2 HRA), – Discriminatory, Bullying, and Detrimental treatment, -(Article 14 HRA), -(Suspension without Fair Trial and Investigation), -(Article 6 HRA);
Furthermore, they are also failing in their ‘Duty of Care,’ which they must apply, by law, to every member of the organisation… The fact that the Compliance departments see fit to apply instruction and notice of concern, to every member who is suspended, within their letters of suspension, would also determine that they are fully aware of the harassing treatment of the person who they are suspending.
– They are therefore Breaking the Law.
Sample of wording on Suspension Notice to members:
If you or someone else is at immediate risk of harm or needs medical assistance please contact the emergency services by telephoning 999. You can also contact the following organisations for advice and support:
• Adults and young people can contact the Samaritans for support. They are available twenty-four hours a day by telephoning 116 123. All calls are free;
When Jeremy Corbyn first became Labour leader, he asked everyone to extend the hand of friendship between the Neoliberal regime and those who were Left, Socialists. Many, of us on the Left, said that it would never work, that the Blairite Neoliberals though low in number, would still want things their own way. That we on the Left would rather seek to eliminate the problem Neoliberals from within the Party, citing that as long as they were in contention, then there would be total unrest within the Labour Party.

Unfortunately, this has proved to be prophetically correct over time, and unfortunately again, it will never alter in the future. It will never become any more harmonious in nature or stature. More importantly though, as time goes on, the Loyal Left Socialists will decline remarkably, to the point where it was, more than five years ago…
In point of fact, – ‘Socialism will Die my colleagues.’

Over the past five years, many Left Labour supporters including MPs, have been forced to quit the Party because of undue pressures, falsehood, lies, and disparagement, from the JLM and FoI. of the Neoliberal Right. The Left was seen as a major stumbling block to Neoliberal dominance.

During their tenure of the Labour Party from Kinnock/Mandelson/Blair days, the Neoliberals had seen fit to occupy all of the controlling positions within the Labour Party.
This was not achieved by coincidence. It was due to a Neoliberal plan, in order for them to remain in contention within these organisations after the election of Corbyn. By sheer perseverance, stubbornness, and a resolve, never to relinquish a position until it became untenable, they obdurately maintained the battle over the five-year period, with certain outside help and influence of course.
During that time, however, the Socialist Left, built up a remarkable number of members, totalling over 1 million.
When Blair invaded the Labour Party with his belligerent
Since then, there has been obvious friction and pugnacity, between a passive Socialist faction, and a belligerent profusion of Neoliberals, who were purporting to be the Right-wing of the Labour Party, and Socialist at that.

Never in the creation of ‘sweaty feet’ were they, Socialist. Labour? They must think that we are mad..
(‘We’re not very bright, – but we can lift ‘eavy fings’…)

Neoliberalism isn’t good, it doesn’t work, it never could, for, in reality, it is a ‘Hands Off’ approach by Government, towards a nation’s commercial utilities. -The commercial sector thus controls the State, because of this lack of Governmental involvement in the operation of these commercial undertakings. A Laissez-faire, veritable Utopia for the exploiting business and commercial facilities.

Labour Socialism, is by far a most stable and un-corrupt system of Government. It advocates state control and ownership, of all public utilities and facilities. It also advocates a hands-on approach and control of any business structure, to ensure that people and Industry pay their fair apportionment of taxes for facilities supplied for use by business and the general public. A socially fair mode of operation, whereby every facility pays its way.

Two different worlds then, – and so impossible to exist within the same Political Party. Therefore, since Labour Socialism was the original Party, and Neoliberalism, the usurper, then Neoliberalism must go! It’s as simple as that.
If they remain, then the party will disintegrate.
It has already started to do so. We cannot let that happen and we must all, respond very soon, or it will be too late.. Irreparable damage will have occurred!

A New Alternative – The Way Back

It is because of The Socialist Labour Party’s turbulent past, and the most recent deceitful right-wing Neoliberal and Capitalist events, that I put forward the following salient points for every Left member’s urgent consideration:

I therefore put forward these points for every genuine Socialist member of The Labour Party Left to peruse. Then, if necessary, upon majority affirmation, I also propose for groups to form and get together in order to carry out actions which will expedite an urgent positive outcome towards moving our Socialist Party out of harm’s way, to safety. Through the auspices of the Party Machinery of course. Everything that we do must go before Conference to be ratified, or other.

Please don’t think of leaving the Labour Party…The Left needs you… If you leave, they have won. Like most people of the Socialist Left, we are totally contemptuous of the deceitful way that the JLM and the FoI use antisemitism as a convenient weapon of atonement against members of the Left who stand in their way, or act as a threat to their seats on the ‘ Westminster Gravy Train’ –‘The Good Life’ for all torpid self-serving MPs. MPs who are only in it for themselves – and sod the constituents. Frankly, we all know plenty of them. If we do nothing, then these Neoliberals will shortly turn antisemitism into the world’s latest weapon of mass destruction.

It is because of this that I now make the following observation: There will never be a time when these Neoliberals will give ground. If they have not done so after a crushing defeat, and a campaign of appeasement by the Left to get them to move en-masse in the last five years, then they will blindly consolidate their position over the next five-year term, especially with peripheral help from pernicious factions from within other organisations worldwide. Therefore, I put forward an alternative to abiding within our own Party alongside malevolent co-inhabitants of differing political persuasion.

Consider – inhabiting our own Labour Left Socialist Citadel wherein we move along the corridor and we take with us all of the hundreds of thousands of Left Corbyn followers. For indeed, Corbyn is the man who brought forth the multitudes.

Consider also, taking with us all of the current Labour Left Socialist MPs who would need to be vetted for singular, Socialist Left-wing orientation.

Consider too, not having the involvement of any religious body whatsoever, as a specified designation or section of the Socialist Labour Party. The only demarcation being that of Member, or MP if applicable. The Party would need to formulate a new clause IV definition, more in keeping with Left Socialism.

Consider – that no person who has ever been a member or follower or voter of any Right-wing political party will ever be allowed to join the Socialist Labour Party. Trade Unions and Co-operatives will be allowed to join the Party as Affiliations, on production of proof of Labour Left orientation of their controlling hierarchy. No other affiliation will be allowed to join the Party initially.

Lawyers from both sides would determine the ownership of assets and property. However, all assets and property acquired by the Labour Party before 1997 (the founding of New Labour under Tony Blair) and the new clause IV, will remain the property of the Socialist Labour Party. The remaining ownership of assets will then be decided between Socialist Left and Neoliberal Right, with no involvement of ‘Progress’ or ‘Labour First’ Organisations. They should be classed as hostile to the Socialist Left and should be deemed a Party within a Party, which is highly illegal.

New Administration members will be appointed. Admin members will be full members of the Socialist Labour Party. Trade Unions and Co-operatives will be allowed to join the Party as Affiliations, after acceptance by the Socialist Labour Party.

It is now high time that the Labour Party Left went back to its Socialist roots… on its own! Under any other set of circumstances, the Labour Party would always find itself in conflict with these groups. It depends on whether or not you, or the Socialist Labour Party, would wish to remain within this association of malice and interference… most Socialist people would not!… many people are dying in this country because of it. Indeed, Socialism should have been in government by now, helping people free themselves from the ravages of greed and austerity, yet because of the right-wing influences…. we are not!

However, also because of them, we also lost a damn good person and leader in Jeremy Corbyn…that’s too high a price to pay for any of us. Indeed,10.5 million of us cannot be wrong. Because of greed, we came out of this with nothing, and, under austerity, we are in a worse plight.

However, also because of them, we also lost a damn good person and leader in Jeremy Corbyn…that’s too high a price to pay for any of us. Indeed,10.5 million of us cannot be wrong. Because of greed, we came out of this with nothing, and, under austerity, we are in a worse plight than we were 10 years ago.

Comrades – they must be gone!… to wherever – we care nought!…

With the production of this publication to you all, on the Left, I fully expect once more to become the focus of attention by the PLP, the NEC, the NCC, and the Admin right wing. The Labour Party will no doubt re-deploy their 5th columnists and Neoliberal minority, to remove me from membership. That does not bother me any more I have enjoyed working with you all and enjoyed every minute of being, hopefully, a voice of militant reason and activism. I have always spoken up for the persecuted and oppressed, and I always will… god bless you all my comrades…you deserve better than what you are going through, and I also salute every one of you for your tenacity and courage.

All that can be requested, is that we get together countrywide, and consider moving our Socialist Party out of the way of these harmful organisations:

Neoliberals – Progress – Labour First – The Fabian Society – The Freemason Society – Non-Christian Labour Movement (JLM) – Friends of Israel (FoI) – The Zionist State.

It is believed that each one of these above categories has done, and will do, harm to any Socialist Left organisation. We are fully aware that many Left Socialist members are Members of the Fabian Society and the Freemasons.

That would not impede you from remaining as a member with Socialist Labour, it simply means that your organisation could not have affiliated status. All other categories above would be totally debarred from membership of Socialist Labour.

Remember also that the other Non-Christians (JVL) are exceptionally loyal to Corbyn and the Left, and they have also suffered persecution at the hands of the above organisations. So, please welcome them with open arms and minds. They are good and honest people.

The Trades Unions will have to sort their own organisations themselves but remember that they have played a somewhat Neoliberal role in times recent, and their hierarchy must be replaced by the Shop Stewards and rank and file Socialists. It must be replaced by those who must endeavour to fight for a complete clear-out of Neoliberal right, from the bottom up to the top positions, and vote in Socialist Left hierarchy in their place. Then the unions and the Party left will be able to start the fight back against tyranny. Frances O’Grady is the General Secretary of the TUC, and she alone commands I believe about 5.5 million votes, under the block vote system within its Labour affiliation. So, you can see why it is vital that the Unions are made to ‘toe the line’ with the Labour Left – or disaffiliate.

Please read this carefully. Within it are some historical facts so it is quite lengthy, but it is also vital for the longevity of the Socialist Labour and its membership, for one cannot exist without the other.

This is not set in stone.. it is meant to nurture good thoughts on Labour’s existence for the future. A future without internal strife – a future with Socialist harmony, but also – a future that determines our resolve to oppose the injustice, tyranny and persecution of all oppressed people of Britain, and to always stand in total opposition to Neoliberalism, Capitalism, and Fascism – in any form.

For a future free of aggravation and ill feeling, without influence from any other country, state, or government, then, for its own salvation, and its own peace of mind… The Labour Party needs to be free of Neoliberalism, Capitalism and Religious fervour forever.

Furthermore…The people who are suffering, and those poor souls who are unable to fight back against evil oppression and tyranny, need our strength and our determination to stand and defend the inimitable Socialist way. We’ve done it before, so let’s do it again – fight them back in their own way – learn their ways of deceit, but this time, consign them to political oblivion by beating them.

A lot of members will pour scorn on what has been written… A lot of people will say we are Mad!
In writing this, we accept that… However, for those people who do say that… What is The Alternative?
Or, will you just sit back and let them walk all over you for another 30 years?…Your Choice!…

Thank you comrades


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