The BoDs Hypocracy

The BoDs Are At It Again

One wonders, can these Zionist troublemakers, not tend to their own problems, -obviously they have plenty, -instead of involving themselves in everyone else’s business? Especially, once again, the poor beleaguered Socialist Labour Left… The old, old, ‘whipping boy,’ of the purportedly badly oppressed, Neoliberal Capitalist Right… You know the group we mean? – Those subversive infiltrators of the Socialist Labour Party, who infested, and outstayed their welcome, some 40 odd years ago, – as the crow flies.

Anti-Racism charity, -Show Racism the Red Card, -has reaffirmed that film maker Ken Loach will remain as a judge of its annual school’s art competition. This reaffirmation was a vexing necessary occurrence by the (SRtRC), in order to counteract yet another smear campaign, by the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD), against a Socialist, and friend of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party Left,

(SRtRC) faced calls from the troublemaking (BoD) last month, to ditch Mr Loach, accusing him of Anti-Semitism. The same old nutmeg which they appear to use as a weapon of mass destruction, on just about anyone on the Labour Left, who they deem to be against the Neoliberal JLM, and Friends of Israel. Mendacious utterances from mendacious right-wing mouths…

The BoD’s broken record of a complaint was apparently supported and shared, on social media, by then chancellor Sajid Javid. One wonders if Javid’s mendacity has now converted to honesty since last week when he received ‘the grand order of the boot’ from ‘His Royal cheatfulness’ – ‘Boris the Bad’? Did Javid also look into the records of A-S and Racism perpetrated within the ranks of the Tory Party of the Right?… One must also ponder, upon how much the truth cost’s? …In ‘old money,’ of course?

The (SRtRC) charity, which encourages young people to produce art with an anti-racism theme – said it had been contacted by many prominent figures in academia, the arts, education, law, media, politics, science and sport, to endorse its decision to work with Mr Loach and author Michael Rosen.
But a statement issued by (SRtRC) on Thursday said: “As a world-renowned film director, we are delighted that [Mr Loach] has agreed to judge our annual school competition, alongside the recognised novelist, poet and former children’s laureate Michael Rosen.

Mr Loach said that it was a shame that the charity had been forced to deal with baseless claims of this sort. They are a distraction from the vital work of anti-racist education, which is needed now more than ever. These smears are very distressing to me and my family, but I have been overwhelmed by the support of so many artists, academics, lawyers, footballers, trade unionists. – People, with a lifetime’s experience of committed work in their fields.

The decision was condemned yesterday by Labour Against Anti-Semitism, which said it was appropriate and necessary” for the board to suggest that Mr Loach not be appointed as a judge for a school’s anti-racism competition.

Many of Mr Loach’s fellow luminaries countered allegations of racism against him.

Actress Miriam Margolyes said she was delighted by the decision, describing the filmmaker as a man who has dedicated his life to opposing racism. Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance called on the BoD to apologise to Mr Loach.

Comedian Steve Coogan highlighted the filmmaker’s long career in campaigning for social justice. Ken Loach’s entire career has been to shine a light on the plight of the dispossessed and the disenfranchised… For him to be castigated by the likes of Sajid Javid is shameful.

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell described Mr Loach as an outstanding, dedicated campaigner against racism in all its forms.

Labour Against Anti-Semitism.
LAAS Statement on Show Racism the Red Card
Fiona Sharpe, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said:
“It is outrageous that the charity Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC) have chosen to ignore the concerns of the Board of Deputies regarding their links with the film director and political activist Ken Loach.

Mr Loach has a long track record of allegations of antisemitism and it was appropriate and necessary for the Board to suggest he not be appointed as a judge for a school’s anti-racism competition. The Board are community representatives and to dismiss them in this way is an insult to the British Jewish community.

This action by SRTRC suggests they cannot be trusted to effectively tackle anti-Jewish racism. We urge their trustees or the Charity Commission to take decisive measures to address this crisis in what has historically been one of the U.K.’s most recognised charities for challenging racism in sport.


Notice how they make reference to: a long track record of ‘Allegations of A-S’…(notice that this agitator does not allude to ‘Convictions of A-S’)… -Pure Trouble-making and Vexation!. (This appears as though it is another Zionist sympathiser Site, – set up to incite hatred of the Non-Zionist…)

It is deplorable that Labour Left Socialist members should have to endure the demeanour of ‘running the gauntlet’ against malevolence from The BoD and the JLM and FoI and others, every time they venture out of their front door… I mention ‘The Front Door,’ because everything Labour Left does, is always open and above board, and nothing is ever done, or carried out, under surreptitious endeavour…

It would be more than a welcome occurrence for Labour Left, if every other organisation, -including those mentioned above, -would also adhere to the same operational standards as well, by minding their own damned business, for a change.

In the five years since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, I, and hundreds of thousands of Labour Party Left faithful, including Jeremy Corbyn himself, have had to endure constant confrontational demeanour from evil people who fallaciously use their religion and race, as a false weapon, to bear false witness, against members and followers of the Labour Party Left. Truthfully, every member of the Labour Left, has more important things to do in their lives, than worry about a bunch of Hypocritical Liars, and their right wing quest to dominate other people, and live comfortable lifestyles from their proliferation of hatred towards others who do not follow their avaricious, dictatorial lifestyles.

A lot of the mendacious detritus has left the PLP over the past five years, and it is with great enthusiasm, that the Left filament, looks forward with great aplomb, to the remainder of the rubbish leaving the PLP and NEC and NCC, all bound for other destinations far away from Socialist Labour.

Begone then, right-wing Zealots of Zion and take your futile hatred with you. Perhaps then the furtive miscreant troublemakers and camp followers will accompany you to pastures new, more in-keeping with your predilection for Capitalist autonomy. Indeed, you would never have that facility with the millstone of Labour Left Socialism around your necks, for the Socialist Left would fight you all the way. – Oh, and please, leave the JVL Jewish Voice of Labour with us, for they are indeed very truthful, and very nice people, comrades, and fellow Socialists. From your viewpoint therefore, it is quite perplexing to try and understand, where they, and the Labour Left went wrong…

The conclusion could possibly be therefore, that the falseness and vindictiveness against Labour Left by PLP Right Neoliberals, -the NEC, -the NCC, and other hostile elements against the Left of the Labour Party,

The JLM and, FoI, and other Zionist diatribe sources, including the BoDs and Zionist State, can only be attributed to the fact that it is nothing to do with Anti-Semitism, as falsely proclaimed by those organisations.

But instead, it is a genuine fear of the PLP Right-wing Neoliberals, losing their lucrative lifestyles, and influence within the Party. -That the Zionist state would lose its sphere of interference, in the operation of another country’s political function. -And that a Majority Left-wing Socialist Party would also dominate a right-wing Capitalist Neoliberal entity of insignificant proportions,- in old money, that is.

It is very probable therefore, that the Left would simply hope that the Neoliberals, would indubitably just leave, and infest somewhere else of their own accord, -long before they get thrown out…


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