#Socialist Unity Movement

#Socialist Unity Movement

 #SocialistUnityMovementThe Need for Strength in Numbers In light of the illustration about which, many thousands of Socialists have commented Most of those comments have been expressed, and accepted as an undeniable acceptance of the meaning of the message contained therein. I thank you all for tendering your agreements and support, especially when, as the Left of the Labour Party in exile, though we still have strength in number, and agreement in abundance, we appear to be spread about in our cities, towns, and villages in ‘collective disarray’.

That may appear to many people, to be an ambiguous contradiction in terms, however, I can assure you all, that it is not. The meaning behind that statement is this:… We are still together, as the ‘Old Labour Left Guard’. We still exist, in our hundreds of thousands. We are still the largest contingent of European political followers, which has ever existed. However, we currently exist in a piecemeal form. We exist, in our own little Communes, Pages, and Groups.

If we are ever to move forward, then we need to address this issue of fractionality, and become an organised cohesive fighting spearhead, of individual Pages and Groups, still under the control of their own Admin. facilities, but mobilised under a Steering group, which will be formed, and carry a member of the Admin. of every affiliated Page or Group.This Steering group, can then feel free to organise its own hierarchy of, Leader, and Chair, from all Admin. members who may have been nominated by their own groups… All Admin. members who are seconded from other groups, will be responsible for reporting to the Steering Group, the requirements of their own Group, or Page Administrations and Membership.

It will also be necessary, for seconded admins. to convey back to their own groups, the decisions reached, by the Steering Committee, with regard to any mandate put before them by the combined groups. This may look complicated, but it really is not. It is, however, an envisagement of at least a way forward, simply because, it has been about two years of wandering in the doldrums, and getting nowhere. Walking aimlessly across ‘The Great Plain’, with no end in sight, just empty Horizons, and no direction.

At least this way, with people to organise a direction, and a goal. If any member of any group thinks that this could be a way forward, though it is not set in stone, it could, however, be the rudiments of a strategic endeavour, towards a way forward, for the remnants of the old Labour Left, especially for those who have left, or have been expelled. If you feel that this is so, then please put it to your Admins…

Admins, if you also feel that this is a way forward, then please put it to your members… This also applies to Trade Unions, and other organisations with Left-wing leaders and orientation… Should you wish to do so, then please append your name, your Site, or Page name, to #SocialistUnityMovement. We can take things a step further, with more Admin. involvement from other sites. I do not feel that I would be good enough to be a member of this proposed steering committee, for there are many more capable people than I, amongst other Admins. of other sites. Trade Union officials, of the Left, and even Left MPs. Lawyers, and others should they wish to become involved, and it is fervently hoped that they would.

Therefore, I will not put my name forward for inclusion in this steering Committee… However, with all sincerity, I will help anyone, to organise any such operation gladly, in establishing any steering committee so formed, in order to bring it to fruition. Please let Us Go Forward with earnest endeavour, in order to rid this country of Neoliberal and Conservative duplicity, and their horrid vilification, of the working people of Britain…

#Socialist Unity Movement


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