Left Socialists – Non Pasaran

For Those Left In Socialism – For Those Not Right In The Head

Left Socialists – Non Pasaran

              It isn’t just the political parties of the right-wing, which are trying to annul the Left Socialist Movements, throughout the world.  It is also, more importantly, the Capitalist New World Order’s, which help to get these Neoliberalist type parties into power worldwide, by an influx of funding, in the right places, to the right people. Once in power, they then exert pressure upon these political parties, and lobby them, in order to ensure, that their Interests, – (the ‘Will of the Rich’), is prioritised to the ‘nth degree,’ in governmental decisions and actions. 

             These Rich Neoliberal acolytes, are rarely interested in politics per se.  They seldom attend Political scene. Very simply though, they ensure, that by any means possible, -rarely fair, often, ‘foul,’ -the voices of the Socialist Left, must be extinguished.

            Witness the General election in Britain in 2019.  – The subduing, of the upswelling of the Socialist movement of Bernie Saunders’ in the US.  – The unrest in Mexico, because of US opposition, to its Socialist leader. – The interference of the US and many of its allies, in the politics of other countries such as Bolivia, Brazil,  Ecuador, Chile, and currently, within Venezuela and Cuba… Though Cuba, has continuously suffered  trade embargoes and deprivation, at the hands of  the US, since the 1960s.

              Unfortunately, it is money, which rules the world, and the barons of the Right-Wing Press.  They ensure that it remains at the forefront of world news, and Capitalist endeavour, and subsequent domination, by suppressing Socialist occurrences.

               Socialism, however, is the surprising catalyst, which keeps all of this in place, believe it or not.  For if Socialists throughout the world, took it upon themselves to decide, “enough is enough”.  Then, what a different story that would tell.

               Capitalist dictatorships, make up laws to suit their own current requirements, Regardless of right or wrong.  Their sole intention is to ensure that Socialism is kept subservient.  Their draconian laws, dictate that it is illegal to congregate, – to speak up against injustice, – to retaliate against infringements of their Human Rights, and on it goes, ad infinitum.

                But, if that Socialist endeavour, -which, incidentally, is far superior, in size and strength, to any other known political movement on Earth, -should suddenly decide, to cease work, and stay at home.  Then the world economy would grind to a distinct halt,  almost immediately.  Capitalism would be crushed forever, and that would occur, in an exceedingly short space of time…  That is what Capitalist Governments are afraid of.

                 This is the reason why the devious British government has relaxed its stance against Covid… It isn’t because the disease is going away, – it will never go away!… It is because Tory Capitalist cronies and backers, have said to them…  Think about the economy, never mind about the people… We are safe, our kids are safe, you are safe, so get them back to work, and let us make some money, before we all go bust. They don’t give a jot about the plight of working people.

                  Socialism, however, has the ultimate power to stop all of this injustice and deprivation, and indeed, to bring the current Capitalist lawbreakers to account. It simply needs to be harnessed and funnelled, comrades of the Left Incentive…  


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