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Published by John David Hopper · February 4 at 12:30 PM · 

Trade unionists are apparently urging Britain’s workers to generate industrial power in the workplace.

Employment Law Solicitors are warning that Tories will ensure workers’ rights will become eroded and vague, because of the fact that Britain has now left the EU…

However, The Withdrawal Act 2020 will guarantee that this will be monitored by Brussels until the end of 2020, though after that, there is no guarantee that EU Labour Legislature will be encompassed within British Law.

Knowing how the Tories have operated over the past 10 years alone, even whilst under EU jurisdiction, they will undoubtedly negate whatever takes their fancy, from the utilisation of the British working fraternity, for indeed, laws to them are not inviolable, no more, than is compassion for the working class plight, sacrosanct to them.

In reality, they couldn’t give a damn, because anything which would cost them money, would be of far more concern to them than would be the welfare of the Citizenry, -the Plebs, -the Great Unwashed. Indeed, those very people, who provide their fortunes for them. ‘Money for workers welfare?
-Ye Gads, what’s the world coming to?’

Workers Rights are of equal importance to the Tories and Capitalist Business owners, as they are to the Workers themselves…
To the employee, they are a comforting presence of protection, care, and consideration. To the Tories, and the business owners, they are nothing more than an irksome expenditure of hallowed wealth, – and a needless waste of capital resources…

The major problem for the working people is that they may be members of a Trade Union, but in a lot of cases those trade unions, are about as much use as a ‘chocolate fireguard.’

Many of the Unions are headed by ‘Disciples of Blair.’- Neoliberals, who are quite content to live their lives in the relative luxury provided by the subscriptions of the workers who they are purported to represent.

It has been that way since Thatcher tried to annihilate Trades Unions from within the British Isles… She was the ‘prime mover’ of Neoliberalism in Britain. She acquired the knowledge from her buddies Pinochet and Reagan, then passed it on to others in the Tory and Labour Parties, but her prime student was her greatest achievement,… Blair.

To eradicate that problem and, eradicated it must be. The trade union rank and file must start from the shop floor. From the bottom upwards, instead of the way it was done when Blair was Head Honcho of Britain – (from the top, down-over).

The ‘shop stewards’ organisations in all Trade Unions throughout Britain, are where the ‘fire in the belly’ lies, and it is these front line troops, -they who militantly know what they are doing, -who must fight their own organisations, by marshalling their colleagues, and working right through the Trades Union’s Hierarchical citadels. They must ‘vote out’ the ‘yes men,’ Neoliberals within the Trade Unions, and replace them with firebrands who would fight ‘Jack Dempsey’ without second bidding… Then, and only then, will the working people of this country, be in a position to take on anything that these myopic Tories had to throw at them…And furthermore, – Win the day!

Although the EU will monitor that Britain will follow all EU law during the transition period until December 31st 2020, the Withdrawal Act doesn’t contain reassurances of worker’s rights. What it does contain, however, is a facility to allow the British Government to ‘Roll Back’ employment protection to the lower British Court facilities, and even to Employment Tribunals, giving them the right to deviate from established European Court judgements.

With this in mind, one can only assume that if it is beneficial to the Tory government, then it will be put into practice at every juncture.

What this means is that workers’ disputes wouldn’t necessarily need to go in front of the Supreme Court, because the act allows for the facility of smaller courts, being able to overturn previously established Supreme Court rulings and those that were based on EU Law interpretation. Significantly, this will include laws which inter-act between the UK and the EU. Laws such as Discrimination -Working Time Practice -and Redundancy.

Johnson has said that he wants to protect workers rights, but if you believe that, then you must think again. Especially, in view of the fact that he doesn’t want to align British Laws with European Laws. – Because of his history of lack of concern, for the wellbeing of anybody, apart from himself and his cronies. – Because he would look first towards the welfare of his backers and investors, long before he would throw down a mouldy crust, to impoverished low life working class. In reality, have you ever seen a Tory with Compassion?

It is imperative that Trade Unions make themselves ready for such a fight, and quickly so. This Tory ‘Imperial Guard,’ are about to bring the ‘working-class wealth makers’ to comply, to bow, whilst touching forelocks, and to begin walking backwards, in homage to Capitalist superiority.
– Well it isn’t going to happen.’ – Not ever!

For, if working masses ever allowed such an occurrence, then this country would have reverted to a time, long before the Feudal System was being enacted in these islands.
– No Way?

Boris Johnson wants to be the man who finished the job which Thatcher failed to achieve. He will try anything. A man who comes to prominence on a lie by cheating and rigging an election without any repercussions from the masses can do anything he wants…
But we aren’t going to let that happen… Are We?

We know that he is going to buddy up in a trade deal with Trump, and they are going to carve up the remains of our NHS, among other things… Trump is going to ‘stick it up us’ in the meantime, by charging exorbitant prices for life-saving drugs, and much more besides… Trump has helped cut the Sheep from the flock, so we are no longer in the European compound, and though Boris the Bungler thinks he is bosom buddies with Trump the Chump, – Donald, is now ready to carve us up….

We must not let that happen…You all know what is at stake…Fight for it from tomorrow, and for every day that you live thereafter… You owe it to your wives and children and families… We owe it to each other… It’s Our Country for Crying out Loud… So, in working-class vernacular…
Bloody Well Fight For It!…


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