Labour Party Rule Change Requirement

This was put out over the weekend by a comrade on another site. You may want to take action as requested?

ALERT: Can members of Labour Party please e-mail your CLP with the following suggested amendment to the current party rules. Some are trying to exploit the current rules to oust Jeremy Corbyn so its up to us, the membership, to get those rules changed so that an incumbent leader has the right to re-stand! This would need to be passed at Conference and hopefully that won’t be too late but unless we put it forward through our CLPs loud and clear, then the rules may stay as they are. :- Here’s the recommended amendment to the rule you need to put down in your CLPs PLEASE. Just ask the secretary to add it to the agenda. ANY member can do this:- “In the event that a potential challenger attains the threshold and that an election will take place, the incumbent (Leader or Deputy Leader) will be automatically included on the ballot paper if they inform the General Secretary in writing they wish to be a candidate in the election,


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