A site for the  followers of True Labour: CORBYNITES!

You can be LeftYou can be Centre… You can be Right

We welcome  Radical and Moderate thinkers.. All Political Party’s have both…

What you cannot be is: –  Blue LabourThe supposed Labour Party of:   

Kinnock – Blair – Brown – Mandelson.

Theirs was not the Labour Party at all.  It was a group of usurpers who infiltrated               the Labour Party, and cast aside the True Socialist members. They then took the Party down a completely different route to practice Liberalism….Not Labour at all, in fact quite the opposite…More akin to Conservatism, than anything else!

The Labour Party now needs to go through a programme of thorough cleansing, to rid itself of these Capitalist practitioners of Laissez-faire / non interventionists!….



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